17-Year-Old’s “Stand By Me” Is So Soulful That It’ll Bring You To Tears

There are times when the emotion overcoming a performance comes on so strong that the natural, given talent of the singer comes out clear and strong. This is one of those moments when no one, not even this seventeen-year-old himself, was prepared for the beauty of this “Stand By Me” cover.

This soulful cover of “Stand By Me” from a seventeen-year-old stepping up to the moment became a viral sensation in no time, shocking not only his middle school but the world with one of the most touching performances of the beloved classic ever heard.

It’s hard to believe that this young man is but seventeen-years-old. His gospel influence rings clear, rewarding with a rendition that’s not only faithful to the original but instilled with the unique essence of the performer himself thanks to his sheer emotion.

To be so young and sing so strong shows true star power, and a voice that is currently treasured by countless listeners all around the world, despite the young man singing at such a humble venue. Now that’s a voice.