Pakistani Harvard Talent Show Winner Has Fastest Fingerwork Ever Seen

Harvard University is associated with some of the best educational standards the world has to offer – academics that truly excel. However, this Kennedy School Talent Show of 2011’s winning act provides that musical talent is very much alive at the university as well.

Pakistani student Amin Toufani performs “Gratitude” on acoustic guitar, and with it created an everlasting hit that won him the Kennedy School Talent Show at Harvard University of 2011. You’ll be enthralled by every last note and moment of his electrifying performance.

The talented guitarist that you see in this video was the Director of Strategy at Singularity University while also building the world’s very first hedge fund for the poor. This epic academic and incredible musician also heads up Reversopedia.

Amin has to be one of the fastest guitarists in the world, and you’ll soon agree after seeing him play. His gifted finger ability on the guitar has guaranteed him global acclaim ever since winning the talent show.