Vera Lynn’s Nostalgic WWII Classic Will Inspire And Move You

The 1939 British song “We’ll Meet Again” was made famous by Vera Lynn, and gave rise to the 1943 musical feature film of the same name. This footage is guaranteed to take you back, giving a glimpse at the legend, inspiring a nation.

“We’ll Meet Again” is one of the most iconic songs of the Second World War era and a beautiful performance from Dame Vera Lynn from the 1943 musical movie of the same name. What a timeless nostalgic showing of talent.

Vera Lynn’s voice got millions of people through a world war, and it continues to inspire to this day. The incredible performance inspires hope and conveys such emotion that it may bring many a patriot to tears.

From the touching message of hope itself to the phenomenal beauty in Vera’s voice, this original performance from the movie is sure to warm your heart.

Vera Lynn\'s Nostalgic WWII Classic Will Inspire And Move You