Columbian Kid Salsa Dancers Make Sofia Vergara Cry Out And Cheer

America’s Got Talent has seen many child dancers and dance crews, but no one was prepared for what this tiny Columbia couple was about to pull off. The two kids left Sofia Vergara thrilled with their uptempo, high-energy routine.

With the professionalism, rhythm, and natural style of seasoned professionals, Columbian kids Simon and Maria pulled off a dance audition for America’s Got Talent that raised the roof. It’s a routine like nothing you’ve seen, and to say the judges were impressed is an understatement.

Sofia was immediately taken by these two sensational kids. Just wait until you see how they bond. Within no time, she’s conversing with them in their mother tongue.

After this explosive audition, the world can’t wait to see what these young superstars come up with next. Their synergy on stage is unbelievable, and with so much confidence and this success behind them, the next show should be something even more incredible.