When Terry Crews Hits That Golden Buzzer You’ll Be In Tears

The first week of America’s Got Talent season fifteen’s auditions were filled with highlights. From incredible journey’s that’d melt the coldest heart to funny moments that’ll make anyone crack up with laughter, this collection of performance and reactions is unforgettable.

You’ll be amazed, inspired, and entertained by each of these pivotal moments from the first week of America’s Got Talent season fifteen. Vincent Marcus, Muy Moi, Pork Chop Revue, BAD Salsa, Ryan Tricks, Malik, and Voices of Our City Choir are all here.

Prepare to be moved by stories so heartwarming that they may just bring you to tears while within minutes you’ll be mystified by magic, and soon impressed by some of the best salsa dancing ever seen.

Happiness is overwhelming in this week one wrap-up of America’s Got Talent. Just wait until you see Terry Crews strike that Golden Buzzer. Wow – that’s tangible emotion.