Willie Nelson & Bobby Bare Sing Seventies Country Classic In Duet

Willie Nelson and Bobby Bare discussing the Outlaw movement within country music is a nostalgic treat and a must-see for any music fan. After a brief discussion in this 1983 episode from “Bobby Bare & Friends,” the two legends sing a duet of “Yesterday’s Wine.”

The spellbindingly beautiful duet between Willie Nelson and Bobby Bare after a revealing, personal conversation on 83’s “Bobby Bare & Friends” showcases the stars in perfect harmony and a rendition of “Yesterday’s Wine” that couldn’t be more touching.

The laid back discussion of the Outlaw movement lets you see the Country Music Hall of Famer’s relating to each other, hinting towards the incredible synergy of voices which was soon to come.

Willie Nelson’s “Yesterday’s Wine” first hit the air in 1971, but this duet is a truly special performance. Coincidently, years later, it would become a smashing success as a duet for George Jones and Merle Haggard in 1982 as well.