Do You Remember The ‘Foo Ball’ From Alt-Rock Legends The Foo Fighters?

“I’ll Stick Around” by the Foo Fighters was a pivotal song for Dave Grohl and one of the most popular songs from the band ever despite not being released as a single.

The Foo Fighters released “I’ll Stick Around” in 1995, and with it, the band’s very first music video. It was the first song that Dave Grohl really liked and a song that embodies all the best aspects of alternative rock after the grunge era.

Whether you love it for the signature sound of the Foo Fighters at their best or are one of those that find it to be the ultimate break-up song, this hit is everlasting.

The surreal video will forever be remembered for the giant spore, which was described by the director as the “Foo Ball,” which was actually modeled on a 3D HIV depiction from Scientific America magazine.