Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” Sung Soulfully by Gifted 14-Year-Old

Whitney Houston was a gift to this earth. She had effortless charm, strong will power, and a voice that was near impossible to replicate. She brought soul to every stage she performed on and released one hit single after another.

Though she’s not with us anymore, we can feel her spirit through the voice of a young teenage girl. Angelina Jordan would watch videos of Houston singing as she grew up. To bring honor to her memory, she covered “I Have Nothing.”

You’d be surprised to learn that at just 14 years old, Jordan can belt out Houston like a trained professional. Singing is nothing new to the young girl; she was a contestant on Norway’s Got Talent when she was only seven years old. Later on, she appeared on America’s Got Talent as well.

Her voice is the powerhouse needed to be able to cover artists like Whitney Houston successfully. She makes every word feel personal, and the performance sounds impeccable. We’re sure that Whitney would be nothing short of proud.