Johnny Depp Sings Bob Dylan Live From His Home On His B-Day

Johnny Depp decided to show his respect by posting a tribute song for George Floyd on social media. The gifted actor performed a powerful rendition of “Times They Are A-Changin” by Bob Dylan that may just move you to tears.

Johnny Depp’s tribute to George Floyd is a song that couldn’t be more fitting and a raw showing of talent that’ll inspire you. Bob Dylan’s protest song “Times They Are A-Changin” rings out perfectly suited to the taxing time that the world finds itself in.

Depp posted the video and a discussion about the origin of the song on Instagram on his birthday. He added, “Dylan’s song applies to COVID-19, it also very strongly applies to the life-altering image of George Floyd, forever seared to our brains… For me, it applies to the moment we are in,”

The Bob Dylan cult classic is an impactful choice to raise awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement. Straight from his home, Johnny Depp shared his thoughts and tribute.