“Tainted Love” In Its Original Hit Cover From Soft Cell Is Incredible

Soft Cell’s version of the 1964 hit “Tainted Love” arrived in 1981 and quickly established itself as the most popular version of the song to date.

The new wave synth sound of Soft Cell suited the ’81 masterpiece “Tainted Love” to perfection, rising rapidly to number one in the UK while peaking at eight in the US. You’ll be hooked on its timeless sound, a melody that spent a whopping forty-three weeks on the Hot 100.

Soft Cell recorded this massively popular song and the number one hit of the duo’s career as a “throwaway cover song.” It ended up being the best selling single of the year, and one of the most iconic dance tracks in all of history.

There were many one-hit wonders during the eighties, but few can compare to the epic sound of Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love.” From the dramatic video to the signature sound of the bizarre synth, it’s a song that’s hard not to fall in love with.