Right Said Fred’s Song Was Too Sexy For The Nineties

Right Said Fred released the dance-pop classic “I’m Too Sexy” in 1991, and with it helped to spur on a trend of supermodel songs that the world couldn’t help but love. Now that’s catchy music.

The moment that you hear “I’m Too Sexy” from Right Said Fred, you’ll be flooded by the magic of the nineties. Richard and Fredbrass, with their guitarist Rob Manzoli, landed their first and only US hit, but it’s a song that’ll live on forever.

The whole track was inspired and interpolated from Jimi Hendrix’s “Third Stone From The Son.” The bass line was simply so catchy that the moment that Fred heard his guitarist’s loop featuring the sample, he took his shirt off and started dancing.

It’s a fun track that brings with it a great vibe compelling you to dance. With the brilliant nineties hit came a catchphrase that we’d go on to use forever, while fondly remembering the hit song that started it all the way.

Right Said Fred\'s Song Was Too Sexy For The Nineties