“Who Let The Dogs Out” Will Get You Barking, No Really

The Baha Men broke out to international audiences with the ever-catchy hit “Who Let The Dogs Out” in 2000. There were lots of other versions that picked up popularity in the Bahamas, but this is the sensational track that we’ll all remember.

The original version of this song was released by Anslem Douglas in 1998 and is called “Doggie.” The Baha Men’s cover is a song you’ll instantly recognize, with the calypso rhythm bringing just enough Caribbean style to make it endlessly addictive.

Despite the hit being a global sensation that had dance parties around the world jumping, “Who Let The Dogs” reached no higher than fortieth on the charts. It’s a one-hit-wonder but one that didn’t receive as much airplay as one may expect.

The subject matter is actually of adult nature, but this didn’t stop the track from being massively popular with kids, going on to win the Favorite Song at the 2001 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.