Pop-Rap Classic “Ice Ice Baby” By Vanilla Ice Will Remind You Rap’s Beginnings

“Ice Ice Baby” from Vanilla Ice was the very first single by a rapper to top the charts in the United States. The hip hop hit ended up so popular that it even got pulled from the charts for a while in an attempt to help the album sales.

Vanilla Ice, K. Kennedy, and DJ Earthquake are responsible for the sensational megahit “Ice Ice Baby.” Since 1990, the unmistakable bassline and funky sound of rap’s crossover to pop have been getting people jumping.

Vanilla Ice’s one-hit-wonder was written in thirty minutes flat, and the artist claims that the lyrics are telling a true tale of one of his days in Miami. However, no matter how it played out, the hip hop hit has been a mainstream favorite ever since it was first heard.

Robert Van Winkle is Vanilla Ice’s real name, but the image that we know is one that was built up by his record company. He narrowly missed the Grammy for Best Rap Performance of 1990 to MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This.”

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