A-ha’s “Take On Me’s” 80s Synth Will Send You Back In Time

“Take On Me” arrived in the eighties are was an instant hit in dance clubs throughout America. A-ha’s fresh sound and revolutionary videos created a lasting impact.

A-ha elevated their appealing Norwegian synth-pop sound to an all-new place when they created “Take On Me” in 1984. Their signature song had to be released three times in the UK, but it eventually went all the way to number two and number one on the Hot 100.

With each release of this timeless eighties classic came a different video. By 1986, the hit was so popular and so well known thanks to its heavy rotation on MTV that it walked away with no less than six video awards.

The final video that most of us know remains one of the most iconic musical contributions to pop culture ever created, and as a result, it features across movies, TV, and countless online parodies. What an eternal sound.

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