“Groove Is In The Heart” Is Funky ’90s House Music That’ll Move You

Deee-Lite brought NYC house music’s funk to the world with groovy hits like their greatest success and disco chart-topper “Groove Is In The Heart.”

From the moment that Deee-Lite’s unforgettably trippy music video for “Groove Is In The Heart” starts you’ll be hooked to its groovy sound and danceable beat. The disco dance track sounds perfectly eighties but was actually released in 1990.

The original “Groove Is In The Heart” was written in the late eighties, but the band performed it live during 1989 for the first time. By 1990, the album version was recorded, and the rest is addictive dance history.

New York City house music group Deee-Lite was made up of husband and wife DJ Dimitry and Lady Mis Kier, as well as DJ Towa Towa. The band started as a duo serving as a major house music influence during the eighties NYC clubbing scene.