“Rapper’s Delight” Brought Rap To The World In ’79, You’ll Be Amazed

If there is one rap song that everyone has to hear, it’s the flow that was first to make it into the U.S. Hot 100. “Rapper’s Delight” from The Sugarhill Gang is breakthrough music pioneering the way for countless artists.

The Sugarhill Gang released the 1979 hip hop masterpiece “Rapper’s Delight” and, in the process, introduced his genre to an all-new audience. Old-school hip-hop doesn’t get better.

It took just one take to record this incredible song. There’s no other track quite like it, and five smashing versions of the timeless hit.

With this one song, the Sugarhill Gang introduced almost every popular prototype for modern rap. It’s easily one of the most influential hip hop tracks ever created.