Scottish Post Punk Legend Big Country’s “In A Big Country” Is So Fresh

The fresh sound of “In A Big Country” was something so distinctive and new to rock that listeners from all around the world fell in love with Big Country’s sound.

Scottish rockers Big Country released “In A Big Country” in 1983, with the single becoming their greatest success. It climbed all the way to number three on the Top Rock Tracks and Hot 100 charts in the US. It was the band’s only hit to take of in the States.

Many will remember the iconic music video for this post-punk classic from its frequent airplay on early MTV. The treasure hunting band members are unmistakable.

You’ll often hear Adamson introducing “In A Big Country” by the closing words of the chorus “Stay Alive!” which was also the working title before it was changed after being suggested by music promoter for the stars, John Giddings.