“Relax” By Frankie Goes To Hollywood Is The Banned Video You Can’t Miss

Frankie Goes to Hollywood debuted with the instant hit and ever-controversial single “Relax” in 1983, but by 1984, it was banned by the BBC. It remains the seventh best selling single of all time.

The British band Frankie Goes to Hollywood delivered a breakthrough in pop music when they released “Relax.” The hit delivered a sound new to dance music, while at the same time parading some of the most taboo lyrics and eccentric music videos the UK had ever seen.

Despite the innuendos drawing massive attention in the UK, which led the track getting banned while sitting at number six on the charts, the US barely noticed, loving the long-running favorite.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood enjoyed forty-eight weeks running on the UK singles chart with five in number one. By 1984, the BBC had lifted the band, sending it straight back to the charts.