“How Do You Talk To An Angel” Outlived The Heights, And We Love It

“How Do You Talk to an Angel” from The Heights was the short-lived theme song to the television series of the same name, but the unpopularity of the show led to a short run on the charts. The classic bluesy appeal is undeniable.

“How Do You Talk to an Angel” was the only single ever released by The Heights, a group formed by Steve Tyrell, Barry Coffing, Stephanie Tyrell, and Jamie Walter on lead vocals and the theme song for the hit series couldn’t have done better.

The Heights’ only song ever hit number one as the theme song for the TV series of the same name. Just a week later, the 1992 hit series was canceled, causing the catchy pop-rock classic to fall from its spot as well.

This surprising track was the very last TV theme song to top the Hot 100. Jamie Walters’s voice and talent on guitar suited the track perfectly, guaranteeing the hit a short but brilliant period in the limelight.