Falco’s “Rock Me, Amadeus” Has Been Rocking Since ’85, And It’s Still Great

Falco made history with “Rock Me Amadeus” in 1985, becoming the only German song, and artist, to peak at number one on the Hot 100.

Falco’s tribute to and a song about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart sealed his place in music history. “Rock Me Amadeus” arrived in 1985 from the Austrian musician, and despite not being in English, the world loved it.

Many will instantly remember the video from Falco’s rainbow-colored wig as he played Mozart, but before he reached the US, UK, and other areas of the world, he already had a considerable Austrian following and numerous fans from other parts of Europe.

While unfamiliar to the west, Neue Deutsche Welle is the actual music genre of this timeless track. It blends British punk and new wave music with the style and sound of tracks typical to the German language.

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