We Love “Lovefool” From The Cardigans But Do You Remember The Video?

The Cardigans created the most popular track of their career when they came up with “Lovefool.” Nineties pop doesn’t get better than this tongue-in-cheek chart-topper and epic one-hit-wonder.

“Lovefool” was the track that sent The Cardigans straight to the top. The Swedish rockers created a catchy hit that the world loves despite it actually being a rather sad love song.

The slower sound and sheer catchiness of “Lovefool” granted the 1996 hit incredible appeal, which none of The Cardigans anticipated. No one can deny the fun feel of the disco beat and pure pop feel.

Their hit received critical reception, being classed by critics as a pop song that was far ahead of its time, often described as pop perfection. With just enough classic old-school disco feel and a beat that’s perfectly danceable, it’s hard not to fall in love with “Lovefool.

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