Spandau Ballet’s “True” Is Truly Beautiful & Goosebumps Guaranteed

Charting at number one in no less than twenty-one countries and going on to be one of the greatest hits of the decade was “True” by Spandau Ballet.

With its unmistakable, emotional saxophone solo and timeless sound that conveys love with every word, “True” by Spandau Ballet is, without a doubt, the Islington, London new wave band’s greatest hit. You can feel the soul influence, which made it a giant of its time.

The music video featuring scenes of couples getting married doesn’t follow any particular story, but it raked in airtime on MTV, which helped the hit to chart.

You may remember this song from either its epic launch or the countless places in pop culture it featured, including Adam Sandler’s “The Wedding Singer,” “Wedding Crashers,” “The Office,” and even “The Simpsons.”