Remember Pogo Dancing? Let The Men Without Hats Show You How

The Men Without Hats broke through to international audiences with their strangely addictive hit and catchy synth sound of “The Safety Dance.”

When “The Safety Dance” arrived in 1982, it quickly became a favorite in other areas of the world, but it took time for the new wave classic to gain traction in the US.

Strangely enough, this Canadian dance hit was a massive success in South Africa, topping the charts by early 1984. Pogo dancing became one of the most popular styles in clubs around the world.

Ivan Doroschuk actually ended up getting himself thrown out of a club for pogo dancing. If you don’t remember the craze, you’ll get a feel for it in the video. Jumping up and down on the spot would later become a popular dance move for many genres but, in particular, punk music.