House Of Pain’s “Jump Around” Is Nineties Music That’ll Get You Jumping

House of Pain hit it big with the 1992 classic “Jump Around” produced no one other than DJ Muggs from the legendary hip hop crew Cypress Hill.

Few hip hop tracks in history can compare the mainstream crossover appeal of the epic track “Jump Around” from House of Pain. It remains a club classic and was a song that you could hear everywhere throughout the course of the nineties.

The beat that we all know and love was originally made for Cypress Hill itself, but B-Real didn’t feel it. Ice Cube also had a shot at the track before House of Pain, but it seems destiny had its way.

With its horn, “Harlem Shuffle” samples, and a loop from Chubby Checker himself, it’s a truly amazing piece of work that’s best known by its squeal. What a brilliant way to blend rap and rock.

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