Do You Remember “You Get What You Give” & It’s Video From The New Radicals?

When “You Get What You Give” arrived in 1998, it began to steadily climb the charts, quickly ending up the New Radicals’ most successful song ever.

“You Get What You Give” by New Radicals was praised as a catchy alternative hit with a power-pop feel that raked in airplay. The closing lyrics pulled in controversy almost as strongly, resulting in the acclaim it has today.

The New Radicals made it onto VH1’s one-hit-wonder list and their “100 Greatest Songs of the 90s.” The nostalgic classic has to be one of the most heard tracks in the UK across the decade, and the perfect example of globally popular pop music.

U2’s The Edge once told Time magazine that this song is the one that he is the most jealous of and a song that he wished he had written. Now that’s a compliment.

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