Emotional Performance From Blind Contestant’s Audition Brings Judges to Tears

We’ve all seen an audition or two from a television talent show that has moved us to tears. When Victoria Oruwari took the stage on the BBC show All Together Now, the judges were not expecting what they were about to witness.

The song “Climb Every Mountain” is a great tune to apply when you’re facing a battle in life. Victoria knows all about hardship, as she is blind. Growing up and adjusting to a world you can’t see is something that we can’t even begin to imagine.

Victoria doesn’t allow this to hold her back from chasing after her dreams. All Together Now is a show much like The Voice, except on this show, you have 100 judges to impress. If they like what they hear, the judges can turn on their light to show that they enjoy the audition.

As Oruwari belted out the beautiful notes to this classic song, one judge after another flipped their light on. By the end of the performance, 95 out of the 100 judges had their lights on. Some were even wiping away tears. You did an astounding job, Victoria.