“A Girl Like You” from Edwyn Collins Is Timeless ’90s Iggy Pop Tribute

You may remember Edwyn Collins as the frontman for “Orange Juice.” However, if you’re not familiar with eighties post-punk in Scotland, the fantastic ’94 hit “A Girl Like You” will certainly jog your memory.

Scottish musician Edwyn Collins reached solo success with the Iggy Pop tribute song “A Girl Like You” from his 1994 album entitled “Gorgeous George.” Backed by Paul Cook, the drummer of the Sex Pistols playing vibraphone, his hit soared up the charts.

The drum track that you feel pulling you in is actually sampled from the 1965 blue-eyed soul hit “1-2-3” from Philadelphia musician-songwriter-producer Len Barry.

His hit started off so popular that Iggy Pop himself considered recording a version for US listeners, but before he could get started, Collins’ “A Girl Like You” was world-famous.