OMC’s “How Bizarre” Is The 90s Anthem You Have To Sing Along To

OMC, seldom known by its full name, the Otara Millionaires Club, created a song that took them from trendy local musicians to New Zealand pop stars that the world fell in love with. “How Bizarre” immortalized Paul Lawrence Fuemana.

New Zealand pop-rap superstars OMC hit it big overseas with their 1995 single “How Bizarre.” Despite a range of successful tracks locally, this song and one-hit-wonder is the only one to top charts in no less than five countries.

The mainstream crossover from rap to pop has been called “Polynesian pop with a twist” and the world quickly fell in love with its quirky, radio-friendly catchiness.

You’ll notice that it took a whole year for the “How Bizarre” album to be released. The single hit in 1996 and skyrocketed OMC to fame, but the album only came out in 1997.

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