“Simply Beautiful” Gets Refreshing Sound From Music Legend Al Green

To be an excellent musician, you’ll need a handful of skills like writing, rhythm, and something that sets you apart from everyone else. Al Green is an excellent example of musicians who can get better over time, even after you’ve been discovered.

Green is best known for his smooth and soulful tunes. In his prime, he was one of the most skilled blues, soul, and R&B musicians. He had a variety of hit songs during his career, including “Let’s Stay Together,” and “Take Me to the River.”

After an unexpected tragic accident with his girlfriend, Al Green made his way over to gospel music. Though his tune “Simply Beautiful” came out in 1972, he performed an extraordinary rendition of the song in 2004.

Playing it on the acoustic guitar, Green hits every string with ease and shows how naturally talented he is. The tune will have you swaying from side to side and singing along. You can tell that the range of emotions behind the lyrics hit him deep and he does a beautiful job of expressing just that.