Women Crack Up Over Hysterical Song About Growing Older

No matter what your gender is, growing older can bring anxiety, stress, and even depression. Things like sagging skin, fatigue, and body aches can seem to appear out of nowhere. Thankfully, one woman decided to turn all of these troubles into a lively tune.

Donnalou Stevens calls her song “Older Ladies,” in which she doesn’t leave any topic untouched, no matter how taboo. You’ll be laughing along as you relate to the humorous lyrics about hair going grey or those stubborn fine lines and wrinkles.

Plenty of others can relate as well; the video already has nearly 20 million views. Her lyrics will have you tearing up with laughter, but some are heartfelt and empowering as well. She talks all about how her looks don’t matter, and if you can’t get passed that, then that’s your problem.

We love how the women in the video are proud of every line and wrinkle they have. If you grow old enough to notice these things, that’s a gift itself. She finishes the inspirational tune by saying, “See, I’m no longer desperate. I’ll only have a man if he has the smarts to see how hot that I still am.”