Hilarious Impersonator Channels Barbra Streisand In Side-Splitting Sketch

One impressionist has brought all three leading ladies of the ‘A Star Is Born’ cinematic franchise to one stage in this hilarious rendition of “Shallow,” the chart-topping hit from the latest 2018 adaptation.

Though all three of the ‘A Star Is Born’ films share the same name, they are not necessarily considered sequels or even true remakes of each other since each version portrays new characters and a reimagined storyline.

Since three iconic divas have portrayed the film’s prodigal “star” since its original release (Lady Gaga in 2018, Barbra Streisand in 1976, and Judy Garland in1954), American funny lady Christina Bianco decided to combine all their personalities into one performance during her 2019 UK show.

Complete with Garland’s infamously jittery stage presence, Streisand’s theatrical personality and Lady Gaga’s powerful range, Bianco’s portrayal of each celebrity is spot on, and the audience is left giggling from start to finish.