Talented Father-Daughter Disney Duet Will Bring You To Tears

You’ll be blown away by the harmony and power of each of these singers both as solo artists and in duet. This magical video captures the essence and emotion of “Beauty and the Beast” flawlessly.

Mat and Savanna Shaw are a sensational singing duo who have delivered many well-received covers, but there are few that can compare to the incredible beauty of this father & daughter singing a duet of “Beauty and the Beast.”

You’ll be surprised more than once by this beautiful father-daughter duet. Disney songs are known for their wealth of feeling, and this duo certainly doesn’t disappoint, reaching a magnificent place of feeling with their cover.

Dad can only but look proudly at his daughter singing the Disney classic, but we’d bet that Mat doesn’t realize just how good he is either. Now that’s a duet that you want to see again.