“Apache” By The Shadows Changed Rock Forever In 1961, Seen The Video?

Jerry Lordan composed the instrumental rock masterpiece “Apache” in 1960, and topped the UK Singles Chart for five weeks running once he found the right guitarist. When The Shadows took over, it wasn’t long, and the hit was world-famous.

Heralded as one of the greatest guitar tracks ever written, “Apache” was one of Jerry Lordan’s three top hits. The Shadows took his song and created one of the most influential, distinctive sounds of the British rock with the release of their version of the 1960 hit.

The original guitarist Bert Weedon, the first British guitarist to land a hit on the UK singles chart in 1959, was given his shot with his version launching along with the rendition we know from The Shadows. They topped the charts while Weedon only placed 24th.

The Shadows went on to inspire some of the greatest rock bands of the era. Their original version still remains a firm favorite despite countless stars covering the hit and “lending” its sound over the years.