Twisted Sister’s ’80’s Classic “We’re Not Gonna Take It” Will Move You

Twisted Sister’s 1984 smash hit “We’re Not Gonna Take It” is one of the greatest heavy metal singles of the eighties, with an extended cut video that’ll have you instantly swept back to the days of glam metal and good vibes.

Hard rock legends Twisted Sister created a heavy metal anthem with the release of “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” The universal message still retains its relatability to this day, with the legendary sound elevating the New Jersey stars to legendary status within their genre.

No one will never forget the sound of this epic eighties song and unmistakable one-hit-wonder. Dee Snider wrote the track citing distinct influences from glam rock icons Slade.

His tune recreated the carol “O Come, All Ye Faithful” and is still a beloved anthem of rebellion. It’s impossible to think of the eighties without fondly remembering the crazy video with its oh-so-fitting intro.

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