“Pop Muzik” from M Is Addictive ’70s Disco That You Just Can’t Ignore

Simple, fun, fast-paced, and dropping a beat that gets you wanting to get up and move, there is no other song like the seventies dance classic “Pop Muzik” from M.

It was one of the first new wave hits to hit the charts, and few that came since can compare to its catchy appeal and zany music video. The project M from Robin Scoot created “Pop Muzik” in 1979, and it’s only gotten more addictive with age.

The hybrid sound that you hear today is actually a combination of European funk and disco, among other influences. Its use of a lead synthesizer was one of the first of its time, making it also one of the first new wave synth hits to climb the charts.

Pop music of the seventies was what it was all about. It encompassed the best disco hits of the era, with DJs rising to prominence as voices of authority and guidance for the bustling, high-energy dance floor.