Cheryl Lynn Compels You To Groove To The ‘70s Soul Hit “Got To Be Real”

If there is one seventies disco classic that’ll still get you grooving, its Cheryl Lynn’s soulful hit “Got to Be Real.” It’s an addictive dance track one of the most iconic key changes ever.

Cheryl Lynn’s funky hit “Got to Be Real” has been covered by many prominent artists over the years but the original has to be the most timeless soul sound ever to hit discos in the seventies to eighties

Mary J. Blige and Will Smith collaborated on a cover that served as the soundtrack to the feature film Shark Tale, while Pattie LaBelle and Marey Carey also have a version. 1979’s Number one soul album is an upbeat track that’s sure to get you moving and in a good mood.

“Got to Be Real” was written by Cheryl Lynn, David Paich, and David Foster. It was one of legendary musician-composer-producer David Foster’s earliest hits in a career that would go on to be responsible for some of the greatest hits of our time.