Billy Paul’s “Me And Mrs. Jones” Is A Slow-Jam That’ll Get You Closer

Billy Paul’s “Me And Mrs. Jones” is a soulful hit from 1972 that’s sure to move you with its deep lyrics and striking saxophone solo. There are few other slow songs that are as instantly recognizable from the seventies.

The number one single “Me And Mrs. Jones” from soul legend Billy Paul may have been his only chart-topper in the US, but it’s disco-infused sound, and lazy lush arrangement suited Paul’s voice perfectly, leaving the world a track that’ll never lose its charm.

As one of the best slow jams of all time, Billy Paul’s was a formidable force on Billboard’s R&B Singles, Adult Contemporary, and UK Singles charts. Although he would go on to have other prominent hits such as “War of the Gods,” a year later, this remains his biggest hit.

The Philadelphia soul star’s baritone voice is a sound that’ll never be damped thanks to this controversial song. His diverse style branched away from conventional funk, and he climbed the charts for it.

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