Ratt’s Hard Rock Hit “Round And Round” And It’s Epic Video Will Wow You

Ratt’s heavy metal was a driving force during the 1980s, creating an instrumental impact that led the way for the early eighties glam metal scene, otherwise known as “pop-metal.” Their hit “Round and Round” embodies their timeless sound and style perfectly.

The 1984 hit “Round and Round” from Ratt is eighties hard rock at its best, and an early example of glam metal going mainstream. It was the greatest hit released by the rockers, charting at twelfth on the Hot 100.

The official music video is unforgettable to any fans and is sure to send you a trip straight down memory lane. You may remember their other US top forty “Lay It Down,” which peaked during 1985 as well.

Ratt’s “Out Of The Cellar” album was their first and sold over 3-million copies, with the music video being a massive success and huge feature on MTV during their early years.

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