BGT Tenor Jonathan Antoine’s Gentle “Baby Mine” Captures Disney’s Beauty

Britain’s Got Talent tenor Jonathan Antoine sings the beautifully touching song “Baby Mine,” otherwise known as the soundtrack to Disney’s “Dumbo.”

The 1941 soundtrack to the Disney feature film “Dumbo” is sung with haunting beauty by Jonathan Antoine. His soft, melancholic voice takes one of the best-loved songs in history and elevates it to a place of power and resonant beauty that compels you to listen on.

This is a song that has been beautifully arranged by many talented artists, but there are few covers that can compare to the sound of Jonathan’s touching voice ringing out quietly in the true spirit of the timeless track. Now that’s a lullaby done right.

One of the greatest American film songs is performed by one of the greatest tenors ever to grace the stage. Jonathan Antoine manages to snatch us away on a Disney journey that leaves you tingling from the touching message of this ballad.

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