Go On A Journey With The Original 80s Megahit “Don’t Stop Believin'”

Even though this isn’t their biggest hit, with “Open Arms” being their greatest success, it is, however, Journey’s most famous song. The song saw a massive resurgence during the 2000s and has never lost its chart-topping appeal.

Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” is a song that was written for their adoring fans, and you can feel it. Their diversification towards an all-new demographic skyrocketed them to global acclaim with the song loved to this day.

It’s not just nostalgia that this brilliant song inspires. The 2003 feature film “Monster” allowed an all-new audience to feel the emotion itself instead of connecting the hit with times past.

Once again, during the coronavirus pandemic, this song made a revival with countless hospitals using the timeless track to rally morale for those recovering from COVID-19 as well as their caregivers.

Go On A Journey With The Original 80s Megahit \