Alphaville’s “Forever Young” Never Fails To Inspire ’80s Nostalgia

The 1984 synth-pop hit “Forever Young” from Alphaville is, without a doubt, the German synth sensation’s signature song and a sound that is truly timeless in its beauty.

It’s a song that sounds just as deep and rewarding every time you hear it and an ’80s power ballad that will live on forever. “Forever Young” from Alphaville has been covered countless times, but nothing beats the original.

Alphaville created a melody that has never lost its appeal, rewarding with a hook that stayed forever young and a favorite of anyone who appreciated good synth sound.

German synth-pop rockers Alphaville never received much attention during the year of their track’s release. It was only later when “Forever Young” featured across popular culture in shows such as “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and movies like “Napoleon Dynamite” that renewed interest brought them their due acclaim.

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