Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom (Coming Home)” Is Addictive ’80s Grooves

You’ll be instantly swept back to the ’80s by this striking music video Peter Schilling’s 1983 hit “Major Tom (Coming Home)” from his “Error In The System Album.”

There are few synth-pop hits from the eighties with a sound quite as richly distinct as Peter Schilling’s 1983 space rock smash hit “Major Tom (Coming Home).” The sequel to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” from 1969 is just as epic in its timeless sound.

This song from the German artist was the only hit to chart in America. The German-language version of the same song entitled “Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst)” was one of the greatest hits Germany had seen, skyrocketing to number one.

Not only did the English version of this track draw massive attention from all around the world becoming a dance favorite, but the music video was also an iconic sight frequently seen on MTV during the course of ’83.

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