Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue” Is The ‘80s Feel-Good Energy We Need

Eddy Grant had many hits, but none are bigger than the timeless sound of 1982’s “Electric Avenue.” The very video itself was shot with the help of MTV, referring directly to the first street ever to be lit by electricity.

“Electric Avenue” from Eddy Grant rose from its release in ’82 to become the biggest smash hit of 1983, and a song that we’re all in love with to this day, sounding just as fresh every time that you hear it.

The reggae fusion masterpiece is loved globally but was the first multiracial success story in the UK. It just lost out to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” for the Grammy Award.

Eddy’s focus was on reggae and ska, but with this reggae-influenced pop song, he hit it big. The lyrics are indeed serious, but the pleasing nature of its sound and heavy video rotation that it was put into on MTV made it popular for its sheer catchiness alone.