“Heart and Soul” Put T’Pau On The Map And You’ll Love Their ’80s Sound

T’Pau came up with a music video and hit single that managed to capture the spirit of the ’80s in every bar. It’s a fun song with a melody inclusive of raps that were a complete innovation to the song’s dynamics, but an addition that made it famous.

British pop sensation T’Pau rose to fame with the release of their hit single “Heart and Soul” in 1987. Bringing their take on new wave sound to pop, the striking track instantly drew attention thanks to its classic sound of various vocal overdubs.

The UK didn’t receive this track well at first, but after it charted at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US, popularity across the world began to rise resulting in a total rerelease of the track in the UK. This time is equaled US success.

It was largely due to the massively appealing music video that received a good amount of airplay on MTV. Just a month after airing in August of 1987, the catchy track caught up to number four in the UK.