4 Non Blondes Capture The ’90s With “What’s Up” And We Still Love It

San Francisco alternative rockers 4 Non Blondes gave themselves a lasting place in music history with the beautiful rock single “What’s Up?” from 1993.

The 4 Non Blondes had many alternative and pop-rock hits, but none can compare to the legendary “What’s Up” from their “Bigger, Better, Faster, More!” album. It received the most airplay and is instantly recognized by its classic sound.

This brilliant neo-folk hit topped rock charts around the world with its catchy, straightforward lyrics and classic rock accompaniment. The world fell in love with Perry’s breathy, bar-rock voice.

“What’s Up” is a one-hit-wonder that has never lost its place in pop history. It’s got a sound that comes as close to an anthem as you can get and remains just as funky today as it ever was.

4 Non Blondes Capture The \'90s With \