Carl Douglas’ Disco Hit “Kung Fu Fighting” Will Make You Boogie

Jamaican musician Carl Douglas exploded into fame with the release of his unforgettable hit “Kung Fu Fighting” in the seventies. The sound of his funky tribute hasn’t lost any of its charm despite the passage of time.

The 1974 hit “Kung Fu Fighting” remains one of the best selling singles in all of music history, and a one-hit-wonder for Carl Douglas that would forever immortalize his disco sound.

This video shows an early performance of “Kung Fu Fighting” on the Dutch show Van Oekel’s Discohoek that aired in The Netherlands. Its zany intro is a comedic skit with Carl Douglas appearing in honor of the program’s anniversary.

The artist who paid homage to martial arts films with this track rose to number one, selling eleven million copies around the world. It was his only song to chart in the US despite other attempts such as “Dance The Kung Fu.”

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