Fat Girl Slim Makes World Debut With Dad, Fatboy Slim, Grooving Along

Fat Girl Slim made her world premiere, and it’s an addictively fun show to join in on. That’s right. Fat Boy Slim’s very own daughter is hitting the decks for the first time, and it’s positively fantastic.

Nelly Cook goes by the handle DJ Fat Girl Slim, and she’s on track to become a global sensation just like daddy. DJ Fatboy Slim looks like the most fun, proudest dad in the world, jamming along to his daughter in her global premier.

Funky music doesn’t get more slamming than this set by one of the hottest, youngest up-and-comers around. The world has caught a glimpse of a girl destined for greatness, and we’re loving it.

The upbeat, energetic offspring of one of the greatest DJs ever nails her set with only a little help from the legend himself. Even though he only helps here and there, she can’t stop dad from dancing.