“Sweet Child O’ Mine” From Guns N’ Roses Will Make You Tremble

There aren’t many songs that can boast over one-billion views and counting. Yet, even that is but a meager reflection of the hard rock masterpiece “Sweet Child O’ Mine” from Guns N’ Roses.

There may perhaps never be another power ballad quite like the Guns N’ Roses record-setting “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Between its beautiful simplicity, incredibly unforgettable riff and sweet vocals, it’s a song that sounds better and better every time.

Ever since arriving off their 1987 “Appetite for Destruction” debut album, “Sweet Child O’Mine” has pulled in fans with its classic rock sound and massive contemporary appeal. A lot of the band’s early success can be attributed to this hit.

It’s been a song that changed the world, and no one can doubt it’s impact on rock. If there is one song from Guns N’ Roses that the world fell in love with collectively, it is this epic track and its eternal sound.