Filipino Pop Superstar Sarah Geronimo Will Amaze You With Mulan Hit

Sarah Geronimo has been taking the Philippines by storm, and after hearing her incredibly beautiful cover of the Mulan hit “Reflection” you’ll soon understand why she’s most of the most popular local artists quickly gaining attention overseas.

Filipina singer Sarah Geronimo has the voice of an angel and the perfect tone for the magical song “Reflection” from the Disney feature film “Mulan.” Since winning “Star for a Night,” Sarah is truly one of the greatest stars the country has ever produced.

Embodying the timeless emotion of Mulan’s touching tale in every word, Sarah Geronimo is a uniquely gifted talent. Without faltering the star elevated the Disney hit to a place where we can all appreciate her vocal purity.

Sarah is an artist who just keeps getting better and better. There is something distinctly inspiring about the way that she captures this song as her own, showcasing her ability to shine as an evolved performer.