You’ll Be Entranced By Doja Cat’s Solo Performance Of “Say So”

The Voice season eighteen reached the top nine, and with this milestone came a stunning guest performance from no one other than superstar special guest Doja Cat. Her solo performance of “Say So” is incredible.

Doja Cat steps forward without the backing of a stage and crowd going wild to perform her smash hit song “Say So” in a guest performance for The Voice. Her number one hit single sounds more incredible than ever, with the songbird nailing this unconventional show.

From breaking it down to her addictive beat to claiming the camera in every scene, Doja Cat is fantastic. Just wait until she hits the chorus and let’s lose her flow. It’s an epic rap that makes you want to groove.

The Voice’s special guest outdid herself with this upbeat, explosive solo show. This just shows how strong of an artist Doja Cat is, delivering a performance that’s as good as any on-stage show just with an intimate special energy of its own.